Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist Pain – Don’t put up with outdated diagnosis

There are lot of myths and wrong diagnosis out there. We have already proven that to hundreds, even thousands of people when it comes to back pain. The same is true of shoulder pain, elbow pain, and wrist issues.

Even if you have had scans, the findings might not actually be the cause of your pain. That cause can only be determined clinically, with expert assessment.

Don’t put up with it any longer! Get a meaningful, modern diagnosis, and let’s get your upper limb working properly again.

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Hi. Boaz here from ReachHealth and this month were talking about the upper limb so thats shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Now as with everything we do, we like to debunk myths. So with the shoulder there are a lot of myths about tears and whether they’re significant or not.

We’ve had so many patients come in where they’ve had ultrasounds saying that yes there’s a tear. But thats not necessarily the cause of someone’s pain. The tear is really there but that’s not the cause of the pain. So in the right hands, that shoulder issue can be resolved really quickly and for the long term too.

When it comes to the elbow, the classics are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. Traditionally people think that is just one diagnosis, strain of the tendon where it meets the elbow. The truth is that there are 4 causes of tennis and golfer’s elbow, 4 for each of them. One is from the tendon itself, the other is from 2 different groups of muscles that move the wrist, and the 4th cause which is the rotation.

When it comes to the wrist, the common thing there is carpal tunnel syndrome which is a numbness in the fingers and its gotta be specifically in one portion of the fingers to be true carpal tunnel syndrome. We often see that misdiagnosed where people are getting numbness & tingles in the little finger & ring finger thats a completely different syndrome called ulnar tunnel syndrome. Most people seem to band those together, they’re 2 very different things. Operations for carpal tunnel syndrome very rarely work. Its less than 50% of the time that they actually work, and its often resolved quite simply by relieving the forearm muscles. Again in the right hands with the right exercises this stuff can be resolved really easily.

So if you know someone who has shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain please do pass on this video and share the message. Thank you.

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