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Lower back pain leaves thousands of Australians suffering, worried that they are “broken”, and not being able to enjoy life fully.

Regular medicine calls this non-specific back pain. But that is only because they don’t know how to look for the specifics.

Even if you have been told you have a disc bulge, that is 87% likely to be the WRONG CAUSE of your pain. The science has proven it in the last 7 years.

Watch this short video, and find out how there are 5 main causes of Lower Back Pain, but only one of them is from your back.

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Hi Boaz here from ReachHealth and continuing our series on back pain today Im gonna be talking about something called the posterior chain. Now a lot of people think that disk bulges are a serious problem. Its now been absolutely proven that disk bulges… 83% of the time thats massive are not relevant and this has been shown in MRI findings on normal people. So what is going on for the back pain then?

In some of our other videos in this series you will have seen us talking about the front, today Im gonna be talking about the back line. This is particularly true when people think they have sciatica. However the pain isnt necessarily coming from the back down to the buttocks, the hamstrings, and the calf. It can often be coming completely the other way. This chain runs from the sole of the feet, right up through the calf, into the hamstrings, into the pelvis in the buttocks, and all the way up the back, even to the back of the head. So by treating the areas that are the tight areas often the calf, or the hamstring or the buttocks we can resolve what was “sciatica”. So I hope this was helpful for you. If you do know anyone that has sciatica or back pain please get them to come see us here at ReachHealth and get a meaningful diagnosis or we can get them some results. Thank you.

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