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Many of us suffer from low back and hip pain because we sit in flexion for 9 hours a day at a computer. Being seated at a computer puts just about our entire body into flexion – it causes our hips to be tight and our glutes and core to be weak.

And because we sit in this flexed position all day, we often develop imbalances that lead to dysfunctional movement patterns. These dysfunctional movement patterns often cause us to overuse muscles that can’t handle the load (aka our low back) instead of using the correct muscles for the job (aka our abs and glutes).

That is why we need to start by loosening up all the muscles that are tight from our desk job and our improper movement patterns.

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Hi everyone. Mel from ReachHealth here.

So next in our series of videos on back pain I want to talk about some muscles that are typically associated with back pain but these are your frontal line muscles. Primarily they are your abs, your hip flexors, quads, and adductor muscles. What this chain of muscles does when its in dysfunction is essentially it creates a constant pull into forward bending, so you end up like that. What that does to your typical muscles we associate with back pain, being the ones either side of your spine and your glutes, it means their workload gets doubled. They get put on stretch because you bend forward, they also have to work all day everyday just to keep you upright, and then they also have to do their normal load of stabilizing the back. As you can see, this probably leads to a fair few issues.

If you’d like to see some exercises for these frontal muscles please go to the rehab section of the ReachHealth website. This has been Mel from ReachHealth. Thanks for watching.

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