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Lower back pain leaves thousands of Australians suffering, worried that they are “broken”, and not being able to enjoy life fully.

Regular medicine calls this non-specific back pain. But that is only because they don’t know how to look for the specifics.

Even if you have been told you have a disc bulge, that is 87% likely to be the WRONG CAUSE of your pain. The science has proven it in the last 7 years.

Watch this short video, and find out how there are 5 main causes of Lower Back Pain, but only one of them is from your back.

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Hi everyone. Mel from ReachHealth here. So next in our series of videos on back pain, I wanna talk to you about the component or the role that the brain plays in back pain, and really any pain. First of all what we wanna make very very clear is that we’re not saying that your back pain is in your head. What we are saying is that the pain.. the sensation that we experience as pain is not always a literal representation of damage within the body. What that sensation of pain is its a warning system. That warning system is based on the input that the brain is receiving from the body but also your exact circumstances at that time, and also past experiences of pain. And when were talking about ongoing back pain its those past experiences the really relevant ones. What the brain does is each time you have an experience of pain in a particular area, it dials in to that area and becomes more and more aware of whats going on. So if we have repeated episodes of pain in the back, the brain becomes hyper aware of that area and the threshold for those warnings get lowered. So what that means to you day to day is that the experience of pain in the back may not be a true representation of exactly whats happening in the tissue level. So the takeaway message is that pain doesn’t always equal damage, and that the brain is sometimes lying to us when it comes to pain. This has been Mel from ReachHealth. Thanks for watching.

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